Vet Aid Spray

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Join us…we want to rescue as many innocent animals as possible

Did we mention that we’re extremely mission driven? In fact, we care so much about our furry friends (of all kinds), that we’ll even donate a portion of our profits to a different rescue organization in need. Here at Bensie Boy, we are all about making and offering superior products, while extending a helping hand to those that are out to save as many sheltered animals as they can. Why do we do this, you ask? Because every little bit helps.

If your pet has a skin condition that won’t go away, or you’re looking for a healthy, natural treatment for everyday cuts, scrapes, bites etc., you owe it to yourself to try the natural, patented breakthrough product, Vet Aid Wound Care Spray.

Safe for Skin, Eye, and Oral Treatments

pet-health-products-dog_cat_parrotVet Aid Wound Care Spray is a hypoallergenic, sterile solution that provides immediate soothing relief to a variety of dermatological conditions. It is pH balanced and contains natural enzymes to create an optimal healing environment. Perfect for abscesses, moist dermatitis, declawing, hot spots (deep and secreting), lacerations, rain rot, scratches, and proud flesh. Vet Aid Spray is safe for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses, cows, and pigs.Vet Aid is safe for both external irritation and injury and oral / ocular wounds. Some of these include:


  • topical cleansing
  • relieving distress and damage from hot spots
  • burns
  • lacerations
  • abrasions
  • post-surgical wounds
  • pyoderma and pododermatitis

Safety and Efficacy for Vets and Pet Owners
pet-doctorVet Aid, Inc. is dedicated to providing veterinarians and their patients with all natural products that effectively help protect against infection and nourish healthy cells. Our innovative products combine peptide enzymes with natural elements and minerals to help regenerate and protect living cells. Vet Aid ensures superior wound care by offering safe, high quality, pharmaceutical grade and cost effective products.

My Cat Doesn’t Run When He Sees Me Coming!

I am using it on my cat’s hot spots….. He just sits there and lets me spray him, and they heal right up, until he starts licking in a different spot and we start all over again. But this works great, I will buy it again, and I have shared with all my friends that have animals! Thank you for a great product!!!


My cockatiel has stopped plucking!

We’ve got a cockatiel who plucks her feathers, presumably driven by the discomfort of a new feather coming in and some emotional issues. A spray of this stuff a few times a day has stopped the plucking, perhaps because it has stopped the itch.


This stuff is amazing !!

It took the need for my dog to chew at his hot spot in about an hour. You could literally see a huge improvement in the hot spot in just a couple hours but once I applied it the first time it didn’t bother him anymore.


Great Product

I used this product to cleanse and sterilize my dog’s ear that suffered a major wound during a scuffle with our other dog. The ear has healed up nicely and the dog did not mind my spraying him with this. The Sea Salt Spray is an easy way to cleanse and treat a wound. It is a great first-aid product that I will keep handy for nicks and cuts that the animals might develop. I recommend this product highly.