Vet-Aid Foam Sea Salt Wound Care

vet-aid-foam-cropped2oz Foam:

Price: $18.95


Vet-Aid Protects and Heals

Vet Aid Foam is an intriguing formulation that also has a coral reef sea salt and lysozyme as a base, but it also contains a silicone ingredient that creates a protective coating over more mature wounds to help protect as it accelerates healing.

Using Vet-Aid Foam

This product can also be used under bandages or left open, but shouldn’t be used on mucous membranes. Its intended use is for wounds that are further along in the healing process (dryer wounds that are not oozing serum). This product can be used together with the spray or by itself after the wound has progressed into the granulation phase.

All Natural and Nourishing

Vet Aid products are all natural. They effectively help protect against infection and nourish healthy cells. Our innovative products combine peptide enzymes with natural elements and minerals to help regenerate and protect living cells. Vet Aid ensures superior wound care by offering safe, high quality, pharmaceutical grade and cost effective products.