BensieBoy Pet Supply's Mission - A Success Thanks To Our Customers!


Benson and Brenda


Bensie Boy has donated over $1,500 in cash and supplies since they started their "Give Back" program. All this is made possible by your purchases of our products at and others here on our website.

Brenda Kinder, owner of and the company's namesake, Benson! They delivered the dog food to Sarge's together. Note: Benson started out at Sarge's, started out as a foster with Brenda, Steve and family and soon became a "foster failure!" Read more, click here; About and find out more...The latest recipient is:

Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation, Inc. received 10 bags of doggie food (Natural Choice - $720) from Bensie Boy Rescue this month! Check out our website on how to help support your favorite rescue group!

"Thank you Sarge's for all the great things you all do!" Brenda & Benson

Other Foster and No-Kill Shelter Organizations who received donations from BeniseBoy are: Charlie's Angels and Pinup for PitBulls

Please consider shopping for your doggie waste bags and other products here on our website. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to saving more precious and worthy lives! Both the four legged furry kind and the two legs that have been blessed with the love and comfort only an animal companion can provide.