Happy and Safe Holidays for Your Pets

petsandholidaysThe holidays are here again… Humans decorate, wrap, party, and light the candles for that warm glow during these next couple of weeks. However, this is a time that we need to be careful of all those decorations, foods, and excitement in our homes to protect our furry family members.

There is so much going on that we forget that our pets are exposed to more hazards during the holidays than any other time of the year. Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe this holiday season.

  • Holiday treats, alcoholic beverages, scraps and bones can be harmful or toxic to pets. Keep your pets on a regular diet and caution visitors against giving them human food. Read more info on people food dangers for pets.
  • Keep all candies and their wrappers put away. Foil wrappers can be like razors if ingested.
  • Supervise all candles – pets are attracted to the bright flickering flames.
  • Decorations should be carefully placed so pets can’t swallow small pieces.
  • Cover or tack down electrical cords.
  • Bones, some bones are good for pets but not poultry bones.
  • If your cat or dog (puppy) are into chewing random things around the house, remember that many holiday lights have moderate to lethal toxicity.
  • Angel hair and artificial snow aren’t safe for most pets due to what they are made of.
  • Just so Fido or Mittsey doesn’t get into trouble when a heirloom or expensive ornament gets broken, hang them high on the Christmas tree.
  • Avoid decorating your pet …. Yeah even for those cool holiday photos. If you do make sure to remove them as soon as the shutter is snapped….
  • Just in case – you know prevention is better than having to treat later – use cord, yarn or ribbons instead of metal ornament hooks for hanging on the tree.
  • Increased activity and visitors during the holiday season can upset your pet’s routine. Try to keep them on their regular routines, and always give lots of love!

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