Doggie Waste Bags & Sturdy Convenient Carrier


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1 Holder & 280 Bags – Price: $11.99


Dog Waste Bags: Incredible Quality and They Help Support No-Kill Animal Rescue

720 Poop Bags Total – High Quality Bulk Rolls – Includes 1 Bone Shaped Dispenser That’s Easy to Carry – Large Sized Bags That Work – Extra Long And Durable – Pet Waste Bags That You Can Depend On – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every set of these doggie waste bags with holder set provides our featured no-kill animal rescue organization with $1.70 a full 10% of the retail price. That doesn’t sound like much – but these add up to much needed support for the precious lives saved every day by loving, and dedicated people. And you will be pleasantly rewarded with the best quality and value for your money in these bags with a sturdy and cute holder! Read a few of our many positive testimonials sent in by people who are using them now, below…

As you probably know, many pet owners struggle with waste bags because they never seem deep enough. The last poop bags you bought were probably very thin, and weak in thickness. They may have worked for a while too, but not something you put much faith into long-term, especially when it comes to dog poop. These bags from Bensie Boy Inc, on the other hand, are long and tough. Unlike the super thin bags, when you tear off a new one, you’ll never accidentally rip through the bottom.

Each bag is marked at perforation for easy separation, which means no fumbling for where to tear the next piece. These individual leak-proof bags are more than ample in size too. Designed for maximum strength. A truly great deal for such larger sized bags. You’ll even get a bone shaped dispenser included with your purchase. And, considering the fact that you’re already paying a pretty hefty amount for only a couple of bags, it will be nice to finally get a year’s supply of them for such a reasonable price.

If you like your frustratingly thin, and short bags, then stick to what you’ve been using. But if you want something of higher quality that will ensure you avoid dirty pickups every morning and evening, then get these amazing dog waste bags. They’re strong and durable enough to tackle even the toughest of jobs. Order yours today and get a great product while supporting an authentic and trust worthy organization that actually cares.

Need these if you have a pet!

Verified Purchase

I bought this dog poop bag dispenser because we have a handicap kitty who freaks out with litter.

We actually paper trained her so every time she uses the bathroom we have to clean the paper up and lay new down as she was scratch and scratch at it til it’s in tiny tiny pieces trying to hid it and then he potty will be on the floor. I figured these little bags would be good to wrap the paper in so we could just throw it in the trash bag without it stinking up the whole kitchen. And it’s working perfect.

These bags are actually very durable and love the dispenser so the hole roll of bags dont come un-done and each to tear off a bag when needed.

I would suggest this to ANYBODY who has a cat ( when you clean out the litter box) or dog to pick up their mess :) This is a GREAT price for 720 bags and leak proof. I’m so happy I got these as they are PERFECT !!! I’ll be sure to be getting more once I run out.

Amanda Rabbit

Pick It Up!

Verified Purchase

First off, the bag holder is so cute! It easily hooks on my belt loop or leash and the bags pull out one at a time. The bags are very sturdy and when we travel, they come in so handy. I can put the dispenser right on my pup’s leash and when we get to rest stops, it’s ready to go with us on our walk. The other great thing about these bags, the company donates a portion of the sales to animal rescue organizations, what a fantastic idea! Everyone should pick up after their pets and these bags and holder are great. I highly recommend them because of the quality and the company donating to rescue groups. I received this product in exchange for an honest review and was not paid for my opinion.


That’s a lot of bags for the price! Great deal!

Verified Purchase

This is great. Will take me forever to get through all these bags. Great deal, and the bone holder is small enough you can attach it to a belt loop, the leash or even your dogs collar.

Love My Babies!

These doggy bags will last me a while!

Verified Purchase

This is a nice quantity of doggy bags. I love that they also come with the dispenser as I misplaced my old dispenser. The bags are easy to place in the dispenser and they work well at coming out one at a time. The bags themselves are not very thick quality, however they work just fine for my purposes. I have a 5lb Yorkie. My only comment is I wish they came in some sort of box for storage. I am pleased with this purchase.


I love that there are 720 bags in this set

Verified Purchase

I love that there are 720 bags in this set! this is going to last us a long time, and they are great quality. I love the key ring, and I don’t have to worry about having a bag, I always have one with me! This is a must have if you live in a development or take a lot of walks with your dogs! I am so happy I had the chance to review this product!


Great Poop!

Verified Purchase

This was much more than I expected to get! for the price that this sells for i can’t come close to this in the store! These are high quality poop bags and would suggest these to anyone!