Save a Life This Holiday Season…Adopt Don’t Buy A Pet!

pet for christmas, rescue a pet for christmas, pet rescue, no-kill pet rescue for christmasIs it time to add a new furry family member to your home this holiday season?

If so, please consider saving a worthy and precious life from your local shelter. Providing one, or maybe two of the thousands of animals who have been abandoned or saved from abuse really does reflect the spirit of the season. From puppies and kittens to older pets, there is always a variety to choose from.

Before you venture into one of these facilities, do a bit of research on different breeds, their special personalities and energy levels. Here are some questions that apply to mostly dogs but cats are like dogs when it comes to the way they will fit in to your lifestyle as well:

Will there be someone home most of the day or is your family on the go with work and school most of the week?

Do you have a safe outdoor area for exercise and fresh air or will your new friend be left inside and alone for a majority of the day?

What kind of outdoor activities do you like to do and will you want a companion on the hiking trails?

If you have children, how old are they and will they want to take part in caring for the new dog or cat?

Do you want to housebreak a puppy or kitten – or would an older, better trained adult be better.

So think carefully whether a high-energy or a laid-back personality will fit in the best.

There are a variety of pure or mixed breeds to choose from. And if you have done some research you will be able to identify the personality traits of either and narrow your list to a few lucky dogs that might become your forever-friend!

There are many resources that you can tap into to help you with this important decision. Click Here to read more on adopting a dog or puppy from a shelter.

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