About Bensie Boy Rescue Support


What Inspired Us to Create This Business and Model of Doing Good?

Pet ownership is something most of us can agree is a wonderful experience. To have a furry (or sometimes not-so-furry!) friend waiting for you when you get home, always excited to see you, happy just to be a part of your life is indescribable for those who truly appreciate it. It’s almost insulting to call it “ownership.” These pets are family. Especially if that particular family member was saved by you.

Pets have always been a huge part of our lives.

Before we were really aware of what happens in shelters around the nation and the staggering number of animals that are euthanized due to overcrowding, we bought Shelby and Clyde from a breeder, like many people do.

Unfortunately, while breeders are selling their puppies, kittens, and all other manner of animals, there are an astounding number of pets who have been abandoned that shelters must take in.

There are so many, in fact, that shelters across the nation care for somewhere between six and eight million animals.

Of that number, the Humane Society estimates that between three and four million are euthanized every year. Three or four million!

That is an enormous and sad number that needs to be greatly reduced. And it is possible if everyone adopted a pet instead of shopped for one, it would only take about three to five years for there to be a shortage of animals in shelters. Think of all the pets that would avoid being unnecessarily euthanized! Spaying and neutering will also help to bring down the number of animals that have to meet a sad and untimely end. We’ve provided contact for free or reduced cost programs on our home page!

Soon after we brought Shelby and Clyde into our family, we started working with Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation. They are a non-profit no-kill pet rescue organization in Waynesville, North Carolina that takes pets who are about to be euthanized and saves them.

And Here is Where Benson Became Part of Our Family

no-kill pet rescue

Bensie the day we officially adopted him 12/1/2010 – Can you say…. “AHHHH – no wonder you fell in love!”

We started fostering right away – and one of those pets we fostered was Benson. And we are glad to say that he was a foster failure, because we fell in love with him and just couldn’t let him go. It’s the best kind of failure you can hope for.

So now, we have three loving dogs: Shelby and Clyde, two beautiful chocolate labs, and Benson, our namesake, who is a mix – we’re not exactly sure what breeds but we do know he is a full mix of love, devotion, mischief, and truly irresistible! He is also handsome and an extremely energetic dog.

Sarge’s, like so many other no-kill rescue organizations, house as many pets as possible in their facilities. They are also able to rescue more pets facing death by finding foster parents for them until a home can be found. A foster family takes the animal in and houses them, feeds them, and loves them until a permanent family can be found. Sometimes the fostering process ends in complete failure; not that it’s a bad thing, because that just means the family keeps the foster pet!

Every no-kill pet rescue organization tries to save as many pets from kill-shelters / surrenders / rescue ops as they can. In many cases, when funds and volunteers are available, they arrange transport for these animals to theirs or other, similar organizations for housing until a family for that special animal can located.

And So “BensieBoy.com” Came Into Being

bensieboysmallWith all of what we learned about the overwhelming numbers of unwanted/abandoned/abused/neglected pets we just had to so “something!” So it seemed fitting that our company and online presence should be named after our “Foster Failure,” Benson!

Here at Bensie Boy, we are all about making products to help you with your furry friend, while extending a helping hand to those non-profits that are out to save as many sheltered animals as they possibly can.

While other companies claim to donate a percentage to non-profits, we are going to pick a different company every month and tell you exactly who they are and what they do. We’re going to give you the information so you know, when you purchase something through us, that a portion of the money really is going to a good cause. Our site and program are just getting off the ground – but we will report who we were able to help and for how much after each month is over.

Even if you don’t buy from us, we encourage everyone to do what they can, as much or as little, to help our four-legged friends, whether it’s donating time, money, adopting a pet instead of buying one, or purchasing pet supplies though someone like us that donates to non-profits. It doesn’t even have to be Bensie Boy as long as someone is helping to save animals. After all, isn’t that the most important thing?

We are Committed to Quality and Satisfaction

Should you choose to purchase from us, you will be getting a quality product that you will be absolutely satisfied with, and we know you’ll come back. After all, wouldn’t you rather get the product you need and help out a great non-profit shelter? Every little bit helps. Every little bit may save another innocent animal’s life. That’s our ultimate goal. We all want to change the world for the better in some significant way, big or small. We’re here to help you do that while getting the things you need. So please, take a look around, and see what we have to offer. Thanks!